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The Essential Role of the Primary Community Care Team in the Management of Lower Extremity Arterial and Venous Diseases

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About Us

By increasing outreach to medical professionals including physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, pharmacists and more, CME Roundtable™ provides quality continuing education to thousands of healthcare professionals across the country. From local dinner meetings to online video modules, CME Roundtable™ delivers vital information in impactful ways, helping to achieve improved outcomes through increased awareness, earlier and more accurate diagnosis, and prompt and appropriate intervention.

Experts have indicated that interactive learning sessions, using multiple methods of instruction for small groups, are more likely to change knowledge and behavior. As opposed to typical large symposia, direct interaction and learning from experts creates a greater sense of conscientiousness for participants to employ the methods learned in practice.

Feedback gathered from completed programs detail the long-lasting, and at times life-changing impact the program has had on methods of early diagnosis, innovative treatment and management of debilitating diseases, and proper patient education. CME Roundtable™ strives to not only provide a streamlined way to fulfill CME/CE requirements, but also to improve outcomes and patients’ quality of life in the process.

Why Choose CME Roundtable™?

In a recent survey of over 1300 healthcare providers, 3 out of 4 indicated that live local meetings were the most effective method of CME/CE learning. CME Roundtable™ presents the most innovative, engaging and comprehensive programs available in continuing education, appealing to the majority who favor live local meetings, as well as those who prefer convenient online-based learning.

By merging the newest technology with expert-verified methods of education, CME Roundtable™ creates custom programs uniquely designed to captivate audiences while delivering vital information in effective ways that extend beyond the duration of the activity.

CME Roundtable™ is a trademark of Educational Awareness Solutions (EAS), an independent, privately-owned, non-accredited medical education provider founded in 2001.

EAS employs unique and innovative methods and designs in its development and production of educationalactivities for physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and allied healthcare professionals. EAS seeks to improve the quality of patient care by targeting identified unmet needs based upon outcomes research, healthcare statistics, literature searches, and direct testimony from experts and professionals surveyed in the healthcare community.

EAS' services include strategic program design, faculty development, medical direction, editorial development, project and multimedia management, graphic design services, and event planning.

For more information, please contact:

James Miller
Managing Director
Educational Awareness Solutions
7 Hollyhock Road, Wilton, CT 06897
Phone: 203.604.1859